eNaira Speed Wallet App (Combo)

eNaira Speed Wallet App

eNaira Speed Wallet App has been redesigned to meet your expectations, with a user-friendly interface, top-notch security, and a variety of features to enhance your experience on the app. As a proud Nigerian app, it is built to cater to the needs of Nigerians, with personalized features, multilingual services, and more.

eNaira Speed Features

The consumer and merchant wallets are now accessible on the same app, making it easier for users to manage their eNaira accounts.

10 Digit Wallet ID

A 10-digit Wallet ID has been introduced for all wallets, allowing users to log in to their eNaira Wallet, make and receive payments, and make referrals.

eNaira Speed User Interface

The app’s user interface has been optimized for ease of use and user satisfaction, with multi-theme options (Light, Dusk, and Dark) to choose from.

Multilingual Services

The eNaira Speed Wallet now supports three major Nigerian languages (Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo) and French, allowing users to personalize their experience on the app.


Users can now upload profile pictures, toggle notifications, and subscribe to SMS notifications, among other personalization features.

Security Features

The eNaira Speed Wallet comes with improved security features, including a 4-digit PIN for transaction approval, unique password/biometric authentication for login, and a PIN for transaction authorization.

Device Authentication

Users can authenticate their devices and prevent theft by changing devices with authentication.

Transactional Features

Users can receive SMS/email/in-app alerts for all transactions, and recipients’ names are validated before transactions are consummated.

Sub-Wallets for Merchants

Merchants can now create sub-wallets for different business entity locations.

Merchant Management Module

The employee management feature enables merchants to assign roles and responsibilities to their employees based on their job descriptions.

Payment/Approval Workflow

Payment from a merchant wallet now triggers workflow functionalities, and approval is required to debit a merchant account.

Referral Code

Users can easily invite family, friends, business partners, and community members to the eNaira platform using the referral code feature.

Help Desk Link

The help desk link has been embedded in the app for easy access to customer support and social media handles.

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